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Ron's Automotive & the "Green Scene"

Ever since Ron opened his first shop he has focused on protecting the environment. Being "green" is a choice not a requirement. By making environmental responsibility part of our business ethic we lower our carbon footprint for future generations.

We are a proud sponsor of "Green Scene" recycling. Below is a detailed list of our green practices.

Running a Clean Shop

We collect and clean all shop floor waste - including engine oil, grease and antifreeze dirt - with a special floor machine, then properly dispose of it in our waste water treatment system before putting it into the sanitary sewer.

Exchanging Antifreeze

Through our partnership with Emerald Services, an environmental services company, we collect and exchange all used antifreeze for reconditioned antifreeze.

Recycling Oil

We capture and store all used engine oil and transmission fluid, then reuse it to heat our shop via our waste-oil furnaces.

Clearing the Air

All vehicle exhaust fumes emitted in our shop are captured through our special exhaust ventilation system that removes unclean air and provides a better working environment.

Recycle, Renew & Reuse

Ron's Automotive Repair, Auto Body & Paint incorporates environmental conservation into our relations with our suppliers and customers, particularly in the use of green parts, recycling of raw materials, environmentally responsible paint, and waste recovery.

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Free Round-Trip Shuttle Service
Ron's Automotive is proud to offer free round-trip shuttle service in the local area. If you'd rather wait for your car's completion, our customer lounge is stocked to help make the wait as pleasant as possible.

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